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We are very proud to anounce that we have become the owners of The Thinking Center of Sarasota.  Many thanks to Amy and Steve Weinberger who have put their trust in us to carry on this legacy.  Over time, we plan to bridge the gap between academics and mental health, allowing families to receive these supports under one roof.

-Mandel Family-
Our History

After Hurricane Hugo in St. Thomas, V.I. (1989), Amy & Steve moved to Sarasota (1990) on the recommendation of her grandparents, Jean & Emanuel Falk. At the time, Sarasota County had a teacher hiring freeze, and Steve encouraged her to start her own tutorial company. Her first clients came from connections she made while she was the Youth Director at the Jewish Community Center. The company started in the couple's first home, and had to move to an office location within the first 6 months as she had outgrown that space.

The Thinking Center has remained true to its mission: short-term educational interventions for long-term outcomes. From reading and writing to math and cognitive training, Amy has continued to keep the company on the corner of the educational market by offering creative prevention and intervention services to students who struggle with school and learning. She and Steve raised two children via homeschool. Erin, 24, is a dancer, singer and actress in New York City and recently was seen on the stage of The Asolo Rep Theater in Music Man, as well as, on the National Broadway Tour of Cinderella. In addition, she has a massage therapy business. Jake, 22, is a Parrish Reservist FireFighter/EMT, blacksmith artist, as well as, a mentor at The Thinking Center.

The staff at The Thinking Center has grown organically. For example, Amy met Sally Rownd at an IEP meeting at Brookside Middle School and struck up conversation, and the rest is history. Valerie Butler and Amy met on the dance floor of a mutual student's Bar-Mitzvah. Eileen Fagan, who was a math instructor, was a want-ads hire. Olivia Haynes found her way to us when she moved to Sarasota from Virginia, and did not want to completely retire from teaching. Caleb Dean is the cousin to one of Amy's clients, Everett Couto, who stepped up to be a transitional coach for him, and she offered Caleb a job. After Jake Weinberger attended a therapeutic wilderness program, he joined the staff to become a mentor to others. Dr. Shawn Mandel and Amy met a feedback IEP meeting on behalf of a mutal student. Jordan Stonecypher, a former student, who also attended a therapeutic wilderness program, organically grew into a mentor position as well. Sarah Abercrombie, joined the staff via a phone call.  Steve Howard sent an email to me introducing himself and our newest member, Rose Connor, posted her resume on Indeed. We are relationship based and are fortunate to be able to support each other. 

  1. 8000+
    Successful Clients
  2. 12
    Educational & Mental Health Specialists
  3. 217
    Years of Experience Together
  4. 1991
    Year Founded
To keep ourselves on the cutting edge of education and to keep our students motivated and engaged, we practice and update our skills together. 
We know it takes a village, and for that reason, we have the ability to share students when appropriate.
Journaling is an important tool in practicing handwriting, reading, and note-taking.
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It is remarkable when students return for a visit. Max LeBrunie lives in France. When I met him, he did not speak any languages, and now he is fluent in both French and English. A true "just wait for it moment."