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What do we do?
Get Students Neurological Ready to Learn

Predicting Your Own Success​ to Readability
Reading & Fluency Training Plus @ TC
When sensory, balance, fluency, accuracy and cognitive (vestibular & proprioceptive) systems are unstable and/or disorganized, academic learning is difficult, frustrating, and stifling and odd behaviors develop. As a locally family-owned educational company since 1991, we specialize in training students how to practice so they can evolve from being dependent frustrated learners to independent learners. When a student can connect the speed and accuracy network, then the brain can respond and practice what you want it to learn and do. Nothing succeeds like predicting your own success!

Automoticity: Differences in Children - E-book

Auditory Processing:
From the Ear to the Brain

Turning the Cube
Behavior Training & ADHD Coaching @ TC
Talk therapy, creative arts and/or coaching are still meaningful ways to work through acute issues that tend to get in the way of learning or being at school. Kids have lots to say and sometimes they will say it easier to someone other than parents.Mental health is a critical component to learning. Listening to how a student thinks about a situation in the classroom, lunchroom, bathroom, playground or hallway, and understanding their thoughts, helps them problem solve in a safe environment. When students can perceive and begin to predict different scenarios, then they can "catch, check, and change" for a more favorable outcome.

Remember parents: We are all limited, and must create a village of others to help support our children. Do NOT be afraid to share your children with the village you create.
When Learning is Easier,
Mental Health is More Positive
We serve families whose children/teens do not qualify for services, are on Tier III interventions in school, have failed a grade, have a low high school GPA with limited credits, need end-of-the-year testing for home school and/or need a way to navigate the education process. Some learners sturggle with sensory integration, that affects reading, writing, or math. When they lack confidence in learning, we offer the opportunity to get back on track with interventions and supports that target specific needs. Together our team has over 100 years of educational expertise together. It is the ultimate experience "to watch" a student become an INTERDEPENDENT learner.​​​   
One-to-one Intervention Menu of Services:

1. Remediation of basic and comprehensive reading, math,
handwriting, writing skills and fluency
2. Homeschool Florida Virtual School support & management
3. Subjective tutoring and specific homework practice
4. Educational consultations
5. Achievement and cognitive testing for academic interventions
6. High stakes testing interventions 
7. School and program placement for children/teens at risk
8. Child/teen advocacy, coaching & mentoring
9. School based advocacy and consulting for IEP
(Individual Education Plan)/504 plans
10. College prep and application for student athletes, artists,
and performers.
11. Creative Arts for Mental Health Growth
12. Music Training
13. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy